Start of the Pump and Pumping Principle

Where our “PUMP” come from…Decoding The Origin

As we all know pump is a device or machine which is used to move or make the liquids or gases flow. If you are a person connected to manufacturing industry you will be hearing this word many times all along.

So where this Pump come from and what is its origin so, in this session we will decode the pump history.

Long back in 2000 BC the Great Egyptian farmers developed an irrigation tool called “SHADOOF”…sounds complex, So Shadoof is an Arabic word which actually means A swape or a Well Pole.

1_Pump Origin

A simple Shadoof can be depicted as in the diagram below…

So Now ypu can easily understand that a Shadoof is just a simple device working on the principle of leverage where we use mechanical input to pump out water from a source.

2_Pump Origin

But this works in an intermittent way pumping out water in small batches.

The shadoof consists of an upright frame on which is suspended a long pole or branch, at a distance of about one-fifth of its length from one end. At the long end of this pole hangs a bucket, skin bag, or bitumen-coated reed basket. The bucket can be made in many different styles, sometimes having an uneven base or a part at the top of the skin that can be untied. This allows the water to be immediately distributed rather than manually emptied. The short end carries a weight (clay, stone, or similar) which serves as the counterpoise of a lever. When correctly balanced, the counterweight will support a half-filled bucket, so some effort is used to pull an empty bucket down to the water, but only the same effort is needed to lift a full bucket.

With an almost effortless swinging and lifting motion, the waterproof vessel is used to scoop up and carry water from one body of water (typically, a river or pond) to another. At the end of each movement, the water is emptied out into runnels that convey the water along irrigation ditches in the required direction.

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